Why I chose the name Sustainable Translations

I chose the name Sustainable Translations for my business because my preferred fields of work encompass Women’s Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, International Development, Humanitarian Action, Education, and Alternative Medicine, all of which I believe foster a durable world and a sustainable future for our societies.

I am a translator because I want to help those who don’t share the same language share their knowledge, information & know-how.

On a daily basis, I can:

  • contribute to disseminating information about those whose rights are not being respected;
  • help an NGO implement a program in a French-speaking country that enhances the local population’s life by translating a request for funding,
  • support a company’s efforts to limit its ecological impact by translating a report on its energy performance,
  • widen the knowledge, deepen the capacities and develop the competences of the francophone staff in an organization by translating the latest training tool, and
  • allow a larger audience to discover the benefits of aromatherapy, learn about homeopathy, and start using plants in their daily lives by translating books and websites on these subjects.