My name is Morgane Boëdec. I have been offering English to French, Arabic to French and Spanish to French translation, editing and proofreading services since 1997. I am also an Arabic/English/French community interpreter. More on this on the Public Service/Community Interpreter page.

I specialize in :

  • Access to Rights (Inclusion, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Education, Civic Rights, etc.)
  • Feminism and Women’s and Minorities’ Rights
  • Humanitarian Action
  • International Development, and
  • Education & Training.

I chose the name Sustainable Translations for my business because my preferred fields of work encompass Women’s Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, International Development, Humanitarian Action and Education – all of which I believe foster a durable world and a sustainable future for our societies.

I am a translator because I want to help those who don’t share the same language share their knowledge, information & know-how.

On a daily basis, I can:

  • contribute to disseminating information about those whose rights are not being upheld;
  • help an NGO implement a program in a French-speaking country that enhances the local population’s life by translating a request for funding;
  • support an organizations advocacy efforts; and
  • widen the knowledge, deepen the capacities and develop the competences of the francophone staff in an organization by translating the latest training tool.

For greater accessibility, I always strive to use easy-to-read language in my copywriting, and in my translation work if requested.

I have worked with international organizations and translation agencies, and collaborated with civil society organizations and non governmental organizations.

My clients praise my attention to detail, and know that I will never leave any unanswered queries or doubts. To discuss your needs, talk about your project or request a quote, please send me an email. And don’t hesitate to ask for samples of my work.

As a member of the French Professional Translators’ union (SFT), I conform to its Code of Professional Conduct. The SFT has put together some advice to help you decided how to go about translating your documents. You can find it here.